Middle Of Nowhere Creations

Shipping Policy

As Middle Of Nowhere Creations is remotely located in rural Queensland, we rely heavily on the service of Australia Post to take our parcels from our remote cattle station to our local mail centre. There are numerous problems that regularly pop up & delay the movement of parcels. Firstly, we are located 250km from our closest town and about 100km of that is dirt road. Our weather is normally very seasonal in North West Queensland, but occasionally we do get out of season rain. When the roads are wet, this limits our service supplied by Australia Post. If it rains & causes the roads to become wet, Australia post contractors are not permitted to drive through water of any description or drive around road closed signs. After rain, the road which leads to our cattle station is often closed at the drop of a hat. We are also at the mercy of the conditions that Australia Post assigns to their contractors.

You may be thinking to yourself... why am I telling you this? It is because I need you, as my customer to understand the logistics of running a small e-commerce business in rural North West Queensland. Australia post frustrates me to tears, I spend hours upon hours on the phone trying to get a better service for my customers, but unfortunately Australia post & their contractors have very little regard for my customers or business.

So I ask you, if your parcel is delayed, whether it be due to the weather, the unreliability of Australia Post contractors, or the total disregard that Australia Post show to small remote businesses such as mine, please know & trust that I have done everything I can to get your order on its way to you.

I will always be here to answer your enquiries, to do everything in my power to sort out any issues that may arise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & for your support to keep my small business dream alive. Your order puts a spring in my step, my heart skips a beat when the ‘order’ jingle sounds on my phone.

You keep my passion alive & you keep my love burning to continue making a pure gourmet product for each & every Australian to enjoy. 

So again, thank you & I hope you have a lovely day.