About Us


Middle Of Nowhere Creation is a small business located in Northwest Queensland. We make gourmet preserves using fresh home-grown or locally sourced produce. We love to make a pure product that hasn't got any fillers, artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours. We love to create unique flavours that really hit the spot at all our Aussie BBQs, brunches, cakes, pavlovas, breakfasts, burgers and wherever else you love a delightful flavour hit!

Middle of Nowhere Creations began through a love of home-made goodies and a garden overflowing with delicious excess produce.

We are a business that is proud to support our fellow local businesses, so whatever ingredients we cannot grow or produce ourselves, we strive to source locally.

When creating our gourmet preserves, we ensure that all our products have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no fillers, just 100% goodness.

We use traditional methods of cooking preserves, to make sure that each individual jar is filled with a gourmet, pure product for all to enjoy! We love cooking our preserves on an old wood stove as a steady even heat produces the most flavour-filled product!

We make all preserves including jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, sauces, pickles – the options are endless.

We encourage you to buy local and support local.

100% Australian Made

100% Australian Owned

100% Natural, Edible and DELCIOUS!