Grapefruit Marmalade

Grapefruit Marmalade 250g 

Our Grapefruit Marmalade is made using juicy, fresh homegrown Grapefruit. This marmalade is delicious with the bitter bites of rind mixed with the delicious juicy flavours, it goes perfect as a breakfast hit when spread on your crumpets, fresh bread, or toast. It is also a brilliant addition to fruit cakes and any other creative baking.

A Little About Grapefruit

Did you know that grapefruit is a citrus hybrid originating in Barbados… it is an accidental cross between the sweet orange and the pomelo – who would’ve thought! 

Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree known for its relatively large, sour to semi-sweet, somewhat bitter fruit. The interior flesh is segmented and varies in colour from pale yellow to dark pink.

Experts advise us that grapefruit is rich in anti-oxidants and it may support heart help, may help with weight loss and may promote better brain function.

Disclaimer: I am not a heath professional, so please don’t take this information and run with it! You need to get sound advice from your health care professional!