7 Days Sweet Pack

7 Days Sweet Pack

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Middle Of Nowhere Creations

7 Days Sweet Pack

Let us help you celebrate Christmas this year with the pack of 7 different gourmet jams! These 50g jars are gorgeous and perfect to give someone a taste of the sweet things in life.

This package contains 7 x 50g products:

1 x Apple, Cinnamon& Date Jam 50g

1 x Grapefruit Marmalade 50g

1 x Lime, Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade 50g

1 x Melon & Ginger Jam 50g

1 x Passionfruit Jam 50g

1 x Pawpaw & Peach Jam 50g

1 x Pineapple Jam 50g

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